Marketing guidance and leadership coaching for startups

As a marketing advisor, I help startups feel less confused about marketing, clarify marketing priorities and make smart decisions about where to invest time and resources.

As a leadership coach, I help startup leaders focus on the right priorities, identify blind spots and generally get out of their own (and their team's) way.


Marketing consulting

It's marketing demystified. Gain strategic guidance and hands-on support for your biggest marketing challenges.

Leadership coaching

Gain the confidence and clarity you need to be a more effective startup leader, no matter your job title.

Personal branding

Honed from my time as a marketing leader, these sessions will help you build a strong, credible personal brand.

What clients say

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About me

I help startups make better decisions about marketing and leadership. Along the way, I aim to help them feel a little saner and less overwhelmed by the modern workplace. My approach integrates 10+ years of experience in executive leadership, people management, SaaS marketing, and startups.

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