I don't do answers. I do questions.

Like you, I'm a little bit different. I don't do advice. I don't do generic assessments. I don't do 12-step programs. I certainly won't try to fix or change or improve you in any way.

I firmly believe that we are all already good enough the way we are (yep, even you, and even if you don't believe me yet). My coaching philosophy is about meeting you where you are right now. Through a combination of deep questioning, nonjudgmental curiosity and loving provocation, I help you clarify your strengths and values, identify and move beyond self-limiting beliefs, and ultimately become more of the person you want to be.

I treat coaching as a co-creative process in which you and I are both active participants. I don't believe in giving you the right answers. I believe in asking the right questions to help you discover your own path forward.

Like all the best journeys in life, the benefits you gain from coaching are proportional to the effort you put in.

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What not to expect:

  • Answers and advice-giving
  • Formulas for success
  • Overnight results
  • Tests or assessments of any kind
  • Cookie-cutter programs
  • Attempts to "fix" or change

What to expect:

  • Insightful, occasionally provocative questions
  • Loving challenges to self-limiting beliefs
  • Deep exploration of your strengths and values
  • A safe space to try on new ideas and approaches
  • An invitation to be present 
  • Relevant experiences from my own life, where appropriate
Robin boldly plunges into the big, thorny philosophical questions that keep me up at night. She dares me to see myself in new, surprising ways. She points me toward resources—books, potential job titles, even an exercise program to remedy my aching joints—that I couldn’t have found on my own, and that are perfectly aligned with my needs. She whips out her dazzling array of marketing skills to help me fine-tune my professional image. And she does it all with grace, compassion, and a delightful sense of humor.
— Heidi, Content Developer