Three wise, wonderful, curious things I read this week - Feb 9, 2018


For many of us, daily life suffers from a profound lack of creativity, inquiry and reflection. The demands of working, commuting and simply living in the 21st century make it tough to find even a quiet moment, much less the time needed for deeper thought.

While I can't offer you more hours in a day, I can invite you to make a little space within your regular comings and goings to engage with some interesting ideas. That's why I'm starting a weekly roundup of articles, art, ideas and other things that spark my sense of curiosity, wonder and wisdom.

Here are three things I came across this week that I especially enjoyed.

1. Why Hiring the Best People Produces the Least Creative Results (Aeon Magazine)

Complex systems, political science and economics professor Scott E Page argues that building teams for diversity, not meritocracy, is the best way to solve complex problems. Read more.

2. Why Do So Many Managers Forget They're Human Beings? (HBR)

Somewhere along the way, being human at work became a radical act. While the suggestions in this article are far from radical, they're an excellent starting point for leaders who want to bring more humanity and authenticity to their leadership. Read more.

3. A Stoic’s Key to Peace of Mind: Seneca on the Antidote to Anxiety (Brain Pickings)

Anxiety has been a constant companion throughout my life, and it seems to be a mainstay for many in the 21st century. I find Seneca's wise words on the subject tremendously comforting, not only for their wisdom but for their reminder that anxiety is a very human experience, not unique to any single person, time or event but a broadly shared and very human experience. Read more.


What are you reading that's made you a little bit wiser? Head on over to Facebook and let me know!