Three wise, wonderful, curious things I read this week - March 23, 2018


For many of us, daily life suffers from a profound lack of creativity, inquiry and reflection. The demands of working, commuting and simply living in the 21st century make it tough to find even a quiet moment, much less the time needed for deeper thought.

While I can't offer you more hours in a day, I can invite you to make a little space within your regular comings and goings to engage with some interesting ideas.

Here are three things I read this week that sparked my sense of curiosity, wonder and wisdom.

1. A Better Word than Happiness: Eudaimonia

"The Ancient Greeks resolutely did not believe that the purpose of life was to be happy; they proposed that it was to achieve Eudaimonia, a word which has been best translated as ‘fulfilment’." Read more.

2. How to Regulate Facebook

"Facebook’s record of adhering to old regulations is troubled enough that we should be skeptical of its enthusiasm for adhering to new ones. But what kinds of regulations are called for to rein in a company that collects and profits off of the data of 2.2 billion people? And how can the officials crafting them ensure that they work?" Read more.

3. Meltdown: Why our systems fail and what we can do about it

"Today, we are in the golden age of meltdowns. More and more of our systems are in the danger zone, but our ability to manage them hasn’t quite caught up. And we can see the results all around us. The good news is that smart organizations are finding ways to navigate this new world, and we can all learn from them." Read more.