Career and leadership coaching for the 21st-century workforce

My work centers around this question: What does it mean to work and lead effectively in the 21st century?

The 21st century is one wild ride. As technology and change proceed at breakneck speed, our approaches to working and leading haven't caught up. The result: confused and disengaged employees, dysfunctional organizations and leaders caught in the middle. 

The ROI of coaching is a workforce that’s less afraid, less confused and more empowered to navigate a complex, uncertain world. My approach focuses on helping leaders and their teams get more comfortable with uncertainty and collaborate effectively in the midst of it. When employees feel safe and leaders feel supported, human potential is free to soar.

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Individual Coaching

Build your leadership skills and bring confidence, clarity and wisdom to your work, no matter your job title.

Personal Branding Sessions

Honed from my time as a marketing leader, these sessions will help you build a strong, credible personal brand.

Corporate Offerings

I provide individual and group coaching for employees at every level, tailored to your company and needs.

What clients say

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About me

Hi there! I'm a career and leadership coach and former marketing executive. I help individuals and companies grapple with the challenges of the modern workplace and ultimately learn to work and lead effectively in a constantly changing world. My approach integrates 10+ years of experience in executive leadership, people management, marketing, and startups.

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