Tell a story that's uniquely, brilliantly you 

I've held dozens of sessions with many brilliant people on their personal branding and credibility, and the one thing they've all had in common is this: they could not see their own brilliance. These 1-on-1 sessions will help you articulate your strengths, discover how to talk about perceived weaknesses, highlight your most important accomplishments and experiences, and develop a personal credibility story that feels both authentic to you and deeply compelling to your audience.

1-on-1 personal branding & credibility session

Boost your credibility and grow your personal brand with this 1-on-1 session. You'll leave the session with an authentic, credible elevator pitch that positions you for success and presents your skills and talents in the best possible light. You get: 

  • A personal, elevator-pitch length credibility story that lifts up your unique strengths, feels authentic to you and sounds highly credible to your target audience
  • A link to the recorded session so you can revisit our discussion whenever you like
  • A follow-up email with your customized credibility story written out like a script
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1-on-1 personal branding session plus LinkedIn audit

My most popular package includes everything in the Tell your story package plus a LinkedIn audit. We'll go through your profile line by line and cover ways to build a kick-ass, credible presence on LinkedIn. You get:

  • Everything in the Tell your story package
  • A 20-minute video discussion of how to use LinkedIn to boost your credibility and personal brand
  • Step-by-step instructions for improving every aspect of your LinkedIn profile
  • Post-session email with a link to the recorded session, plus written tips for updating your LinkedIn profile
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The complete branding and resume overhaul

If you need a complete personal branding overhaul, this package is for you. It includes everything in the Tell it better package, plus a deeper dive into your LinkedIn presence and a complete resume rewrite, including design. You get:

  • Everything in the Tell it better package
  • A complete resume rewrite, including redesign and formatting, that positions your skills, talents and work experience in the best possible light to hiring managers in your chosen field
  • A complete LinkedIn rewrite for your professional summary and 3 most recent positions.
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