a faster way to establish credibility with prospects and clients

Credibility is a sales professional's most important currency. When you have it, leads convert more quickly, clients speak more freely and deals close more smoothly. When you don't, your team can follow every sales "best practice" in the book and still not get results. These 1-on-1 coaching sessions are designed specifically with sales teams in mind.

After a single 1-hour session, your sales reps will be able to:

  • Leverage social selling techniques on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other relevant digital channels to connect meaningfully with clients and prospects.
  • Establish credibility more quickly in sales calls and email communications.
  • Articulate their own strengths and experience to clients in a way that's compelling and authentic.

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But isn't credibility supposed to be Marketing's job?

In the age of radical transparency and constant connection, credibility is everyone's job. Marketing can help with a strong brand and great sales enablement, but ultimately, client and prospect trust comes down to the relationship they have with your reps. 

Don't leave it to chance. A single 1-hour session is all it takes to help your sales team build stronger, trusting client relationships that lead to tangible results for your company. Click below to get in touch.


As a salesperson, I’m an expert in giving product sales pitches. But when it came to my own personal “sales pitch,” I struggled to weave together parts of my career path that felt unrelated to each other. Robin helped me develop a concise and compelling narrative that I could pitch during board meetings and executive-level sales meetings. She also assessed my social media presence and provided practical tips that I could implement right away, including how I could use my new credibility narrative in my LinkedIn profile.
— Suzanne L., VP Sales
After just one session with Robin, I had a much better understanding of how to articulate my strengths and professional background in a way that was both credible to my clients and authentic to me.
— Jen L., Account Manager
Robin has changed the way I introduce myself on client calls, and my team can’t stop gushing about the doors her sessions have opened.
— Lindsey S., VP of Account Growth

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About robin

Robin Cangie is a career coach and former startup marketing executive. She coaches high-achieving professionals who want to increase their confidence, build credibility at work and grow their personal brands while remaining authentic and true to their values. Her approach integrates 10+ years of experience in executive leadership, people management, marketing, and startups, plus a lifelong love of ideas and learning.