What clients say


"Robin is a swiss army knife when it comes to marketing. She did everything from leading our website rebrand to organizing our attendance at big tradeshows for the first time."

Suzanne L., VP Sales

"Robin has been instrumental in helping me find the better parts of who I am as a person, as an individual contributor, and as a manager in order to help me define the kind of executive I want to be for my team. Her insights, experience, and background have been critical in helping me translate vision into practice."

Jordan B., Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

"Being a bit of a skeptic, I wasn't sure about enlisting the help of a coach. But after working with Robin for the past few months, I wonder how I could have possibly made it through one of the toughest patches in my professional life without her. She's extraordinary.

She boldly plunges into the big, thorny philosophical questions that keep me up at night. She dares me to see myself in new, surprising ways. She points me toward resources—books, potential job titles, even an exercise program to remedy my aching joints—that I couldn't have found on my own, and that are perfectly aligned with my needs. She whips out her dazzling array of marketing skills to help me fine-tune my professional image. And she does it all with grace, compassion, and a delightful sense of humor.

I have no idea how she pulls this off. All I know is she meets me—all of me—exactly where I am. I walk away from each session feeling closer to the person I want to become. Thank you, Robin!"

Heidi B., Content Developer

"I am lucky to have Robin as a mentor and a go-to for my professional coaching. She is a joy to work with and be around. Robin has a knack for for finding a way and I'd recommend her for any of your professional development needs. She's that good!"

Ta'Darrell R., Account Executive

"Robin has the uncanny ability to listen to a set of problems, diagnose exactly what is going on, and provide a path forward. After we spoke, she sent me actionable next steps which was tremendously helpful and allowed me to act on her advice immediately. Robin is also warm, motivational, witty, and truly helped me to highlight strengths that I had trouble identifying before we spoke."

Kristin M., Business Development Manager

"Robin asks tough questions and listens thoughtfully, without trying to provide answers where none exist - her insights regularly shifted the direction of a leadership conversation or strategy. She also has a unique ability to look at situations from a variety of angles and help others see insights and conclusions that they couldn’t see before."

Katie B., VP Client Success

"Robin has changed the way I introduce myself on client calls and my team can't stop gushing about the doors her sessions have opened. Robin is an endlessly gifted and fearless professional who is hell-bent on delivering hard value wherever she goes. I'll be re-engaging her for more coaching in future and feel lucky to have been able to soak up her wisdom."

Lindsey S., VP Account Growth

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