About Robin


Once upon a time, I was a marketing executive in the San Francisco tech scene.

My last company was Jhana, a startup that helped new leaders develop essential leadership skills. I was employee #8 and built our marketing department from the ground up.

I loved my job, my colleagues, and the leaders we served. In late 2016, as part of a company-wide credibility initiative, I began coaching our sales and client success teams on how to improve their personal branding. Employees loved these 1-on-1 sessions almost as much as I loved leading them, and soon I had done sessions for almost everyone in the company. I thought to myself, "There's something here."

Fast forward to summer 2017 – Jhana was acquired by leadership heavyweight Franklin Covey, and I was faced with a choice: find another job, or follow the voice that was calling me toward something scarier, riskier and richer. I chose the latter.

How, I help startups make better decisions about marketing and leadership. We might be a great fit if you:

  • Are part of a startup or small business that hasn’t invested in marketing before, and you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed about where to begin.

  • Have done some marketing in the past, but it’s been pretty ad hoc. You want to take your marketing efforts to the next level and aren’t sure where to focus or invest.

  • Are an early-stage founder with a great idea, and you’re looking for a coach to help you clarify priorities, set realistic goals, gently hold you accountable, and offer the occasional pep talk when needed.

  • Are leading a team and want to get better at it. You’re looking for a coach who will help you hone in on your leadership strengths, offer practical tips, and ultimately help you gain the confidence to lead successfully.

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The official bio

Robin Cangie helps startups make better decisions about marketing and leadership. Along the way, she aims to help them feel a little saner and less overwhelmed by the modern workplace. She is a trained Reboot Circles coach, former startup executive and brings 10+ years experience in SaaS marketing, leadership and startups to her work.

She has a BA in History and Philosophy from Linfield College and currently lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and two spoiled orange cats.